Behind the Scenes: A Morning Ritual at Sofia’s

WHO: Sofia Sanchez de Betak & friends
WHAT: A morning of breakfast and beauty rituals to celebrate the launch of RODIN’s new Geranium & Orange Blossom Collection
WHERE: Sofia’s Manhattan home


From the moment guests arrived at the ever-radiant Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s warm and inviting loft adorned with lush kumquat bushes and baskets filled with oranges and fragrant white jasmine flowers, they were treated to a chilled saffron orange blossom calendula morning tonic that would set the tone for the intimate gathering filled with energizing treatments and treats for mind and body.

To help attendees like Nicole Warne, Maria Duenas Jacobs, Erica Choi and Alicia Lund prepare for their self-care sessions, each was invited to select a vibrant, globally-inspired kimono robe from Sofia’s own fashion line Chufy, compliments of RODIN. Hand-stitching by Lingua Franca, the activist fashion brand known for their embroidered cashmere sweaters, provided on-site customization to add a personal touch to these wearable takeaways throughout the morning.

In the dedicated RODIN ritual area, NYC-based holistic wellness company FaceLove indulged guests in face and hand massages with our sensory-pleasing, botanical oil-based Luxury Face Oils, Body Oils and Hand & Body Cremas in a choice of three scents: Jasmine & Neroli, Lavender Absolute and Geranium & Orange Blossom. Expert facialists started by wafting the Luxury Face Oil dropper in front of each client’s nose, encouraging them to inhale deeply to fully appreciate the intoxicating aroma. A few drops of oil were then gently massaged into facial skin for an utterly relaxing and nourishing experience that resulted in a dewy, healthy-looking radiance. Luxury Body Oil was used for stress-relieving hand massages while Hand & Body Crema added a nourishing, finishing touch, helping to seal in the softness and scent. Guests were also invited to try a form of traditional Chinese medicine called ear seeding. Healers from wellness boutique WTHN helped encourage instant relaxation by leveraging pressure points on the ear’s exterior.


What better way to nourish the body than with a carefully-curated, thoughtfully-prepared culinary experience by renowned chef Camille Becerra. Inspired by the nutrient-dense, botanical ingredients in our Geranium & Orange Blossom Collection, Chef Becerra’s menu included orange blossom and saffron infused water, a nutritious morning rice bowl with rice steamed in geranium leaf, and a delicious orange blossom water & cherry smoothie.

With satisfied palates, post-facial massage radiance and positive intentions set for the day, Sofia thanked each friend as they left with their embroidered kimonos and a special token of appreciation from RODIN: a gift box collection of Geranium & Orange Blossom Luxury Face Oil plus NEW Luxury Body Oil and Hand & Body Crema.

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