It's a Match



We love the beauty and simplicity of a seamless, coordinated makeup look so much that our Luxury Lip & Cheek Oil shades were made to match our most-loved Luxury Lipsticks. Both formulas are infused with an exquisite blend of botanical oils so not only are they a pleasure to wear, they nourish and condition lips and cheeks beautifully too. 

Glow-inducing Lip & Cheek Oil has Safflower Seed, Jojoba Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils plus conditioners like Turmeric Extract and Ceramides. These sheer, less-pigmented versions of our Lipsticks make them virtually mistake-proof.



Richly-pigmented and creamy-matte Luxury Lipstick is formulated with Jasmine & Neroli Oil, Rose Flower Wax, Lavender Flower Wax plus Apricot and Argan Oils. Apply it straight from its architecturally-stunning tube for instant impact. Feels as luxurious as it looks. 

How you wear them depends on your mood. Keep it sheer and sweet with a simple swipe of tinted oil on lips and cheeks. Or try a more dramatic look with Lip & Cheek Oil on cheeks paired with its bold lipstick counterpart on lips. For added dimension and shine, finish with a dab of glimmering oil. So versatile, so chic. So simple. 

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