From Wanderlust to Wellness

Fashion influencer Sofia Sanchez de Betak shares how her love of adventure and travel led her to discover a beauty routine that goes beyond radiant skin.




Creative multi-hyphenate Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s full life as an art director, creative consultant, designer, partner and mother is eclipsed only by her love of adventure. Her passion for immersing herself in foreign cultures and new environments comes to life through her coffee table book, Travels with Chufy, as well as the destination-inspired capsules for her Chufy clothing line. She credits these sensory-awakening experiences for having a major impact on her style and design aesthetic while also inspiring her simple yet elevated approach to beauty and self-care.



Sometimes it’s a landscape, sometimes it’s architecture, or sometimes it’s the people I meet along the way, like artisans. Truly anything can catch my eye when I’m traveling and it gives me a fresh perspective on a project I’ve been working on or it can be the creative spark for a piece in my next collection. I’m a big advocate of getting to know the unique characteristics of a region, discovering the traditions and rituals passed down generation after generation. Traveling gives me a sense of how people view wellness in different cultures. I love bringing self-care tips and practices back home from a trip, tweaking them a bit and adding them to how I care for myself.

In Japan, I learned about stone soaking tubs and ofuro baths that are less about cleaning and more about releasing stress at the end of the day. For the Japanese, bathing is a dedicated practice that’s meant to foster total relaxation and a sense of presence in your body. I love that RODIN is inspired by these types of time-tested traditions. Their Facial Cleansing Powder is actually based on an ancient Japanese skin care ritual.

Many of the wellness practices I find to be most effective are centuries-old and meant to be very intentional, mindful and simple. These traditions and products resonate with me most not only because they’re easy to incorporate into my challenging, ever-changing schedule, but because I want my skin’s natural radiance to shine through at all times, in all time zones, with or without makeup. I make it a point to use high-quality, natural ingredients that feel luxurious. The touch, the smell—it all needs to feel right.

Botanicals like the geranium and orange blossom oils in Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil make me feel energized and refreshed as I take a moment to be present with my skin. That combination of using a sumptuous product and taking the time to fully nurture your skin are important elements of how I’ve come to view wellness.



And that belief extends to how I live my life because I truly believe a life well-lived is the most potent skin care ingredient. When I’m with my family in Mallorca, I immerse myself in a mixture of nature and community. The mountains, the sea and the gorgeous skies, along with our group of friends, makes every day beautiful. We love picking olives to make our own olive oil, taking care of our garden with our citrus trees, making our own ceramics and taking hikes. It’s wonderful to ditch the phones, mix some drinks, put on fun music and have a sunset picnic. Nothing too complicated—just our own little oasis filled with beautiful yet simple elements that remind us of every trip and nudge us to consider our next destination.

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