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Slow Beauty Ritual 

Life moves fast. Finding time to decompress is a must. An easy way
to fit a much-needed pause into your busy schedule? Turn your daily
beauty routine into a Slow Beauty Ritual, the RODIN way. Trust us,
it's a game changer. 


At RODIN we believe Slow Beauty is a lifestyle that starts with incorporating fewer, yet high-caliber products into your skin care regimen. But it's not just about what you use, it's how you use it. Being more mindful and in-the-moment when you go about your daily skin care and makeup rituals can make all the difference. By consciously caring for skin in a slow, self-loving and meditative manner, you clear the mind, giving yourself a quiet moment of respite while encouraging your natural radiance to shine through. 

Our Slow Beauty Ritual of cleansing, nourishing and replenishing skin is simple yet luxurious. Practice every day and reap the benefits in the form of visibly soothed, glowing, healthy-looking skin. Our pure, nutrient-rich, botanical-based formulas are all you need. Let us show you the east how tos:  




Start with the unique process of customizing your cleansing with vitamin-rich Facial Cleansing Powder. Simply pour a nickel-sized amount of cleansing grains into the palm of your hand and add the desired amount of water—more to create a soft lather for a creamy, thorough cleanse; less to keep the texture grainier—ideal for exfoliating. Rinse well and gently pat dry with a washcloth.  




Follow with a few precious drops of your favorite Luxury Face Oil. Squeeze 4-6 drops into the palm of your hands. Gently rub and warm the oils in your fingertips. Hold in front of your face and take a slow, deep breath. Exhale. After your moment of zen, press the oil into your face, neck and décolleté. You'll find this little dose of TLC goes a long way in bringing skin back to its smooth, supple and restored appearance. 





To amplify your glow and lock in moisture, layer with ultra-luxe, oil-infused Luxury Face Cream. Its intoxicating yet subtle scent is light and neutral, making it ideal for layering. Gently warm the cream in your fingertips. Hold in front of your face. Breathe deeply to appreciate its aroma before smoothing all over face and neck. 






Keep the self care going throughout the day with spill-proof Luxury Face Oil Stick. Simply spot-apply wherever skin needs an instant nourishing boost, extra glow. 


Luxury Face Cream
for instant hydration and radiance
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Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil
For well-nourished, glowing skin
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Geranium & Orange Blossom Face Oil
For energized, radiant skin
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Lavender Absolute Face Oil
For comforted, illuminated skin
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