Gifts of Self-Care

This holiday give gifts of beauty that go beyond skincare.
Our pure, botanical oil-infused creations help create special,
meditative moments, especially when used as part of a slow
beauty ritual to pause and calm the mind. The premium,
nourishing ingredients, wonderful textures and subtle olfactory
nuances all add to the luxurious self-care experience we all
want and need now.



The Ever-Radiant Collection features everything you need to bring out skin’s natural glow, exquisitely packaged in a deluxe travel case. Nutrient-dense Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Face Oil helps skin look smooth, supple and dewy; oil-infused Luxury Face Cream helps amplify skin’s radiance and lock in moisture; and Luxury Illuminating Eye Cream helps revitalize eyes with its soothing formula and light-reflecting pearls. A welcome introduction to anyone wishing to transform their skincare regimens into a more meaningful ritual.



For those new to the numerous benefits of botanical oils, our Olio Lusso Luxuries set offers a simple yet luxurious introduction to self-care. All it takes is a few fragrant drops of Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Face Oil warmed between fingertips to work its radiance-making magic followed by a luxe layer of sumptuous Luxury Face Cream to lock in moisture.


Of course, cult-favorite Luxury Face Oils and Luxury Body Oils make the perfect gift for anyone craving a simple yet effective way to bring out skin’s most natural glow. Whether you need restoration, invigoration or a sense of calm, there’s a scent to inspire the emotion.