For Light-up-the-Room Skin

For Light-up-the-Room Skin
Adopt This Must-Have Cleansing Ritual

When it comes to nurturing your most luminous skin,
consistency is key. That means sticking to a daily routine of
proper cleansing immediately followed by a conditioning layer of
oil. To make it feel more like a bit of indulgence rather than a
less-than-exciting chore, there’s the RODIN two-step ritual. Yep.
Just two steps. Facial Cleansing Powder and Face Oil.

Facial Cleansing Powder is no ordinary cleanser. In fact, the process of pouring grains into your hand to wash your face may seem pretty different at first but it’s actually an ancient Japanese skin care ritual known to be super gentle on skin. Once you try RODIN’s unique and versatile formula that combines granular rice bran, red algae extract and its signature nutrient-rich jasmine and neroli oil blend, you won’t want to go back to run-of-the-mill soap. What’s more, cleansing with Facial Cleansing Powder is the perfect way to get skin primed and ready to take in all the nourishing and benefits of step two… Face Oil.

Why all the love for face oils? For starters, every RODIN formula has a power base of 9 oils. All are pure and natural, not synthetic. This core works to keep skin smooth, supple, glowing. With omegas that build a skin-strengthening moisture barrier and Vitamins A, E and C to help skin shrug off the effects of modern life (think fatigue and pollution). Plus, they’re super easy to incorporate into your daily routine—serums and moisturizers can be layered on top as usual. You can even add a few drops into your foundation for a flawless, illuminated complexion.

Now that we’ve covered the RODIN Ritual basics, here’s how to do it.

Starting with makeup-free skin, pour a nickel-sized amount of Facial Cleansing Powder
into the palm of your hand. Mix in enough water to create a rich lather for a creamy,
thorough cleanse. Skin looking, feeling more dull than usual? You’ll want to cut back on
the water and use just a few drops to create a grainy texture that exfoliates as you
cleanse. Once you’ve rinsed it all off, lightly pat skin dry with a washcloth.

Next comes the ultra-pampering part. Pick your favorite Luxury Face Oil—Jasmine &
, Lavender Absolute or Geranium & Orange Blossom. Squeeze 4-6 drops of oil into
the palm of your hands. Gently rub and warm the oils in your fingertips. Hold in front of
your face and take a deep breath. After your moment of zen, press the oil into your face,
neck and décolleté. It may seem overly simple but this little dose of TLC goes a long way,
in the form of skin that looks smooth, supple, glowing.

Luxury Oils

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