Linda with David Moltz

Speaking of Linda...with David Moltz

David Moltz and his wife Kavi Moltz, founded D.S. & Durga in 2009, with the vision of turning things they loved into scents. Almost a year later, Linda met David at a trade show and they began to collaborate on RODIN scents and oils, including the bis perfume and the Lavender Absolute oils. Here, Linda and David discuss their friendship, mutual love of fragrance and wellbeing, and the keys to their collaborative success.

L: I met you at a trade show. And, you came up to me to tell me you loved my oil and you thought it was great and it smelled great and it worked really well. I said “God, well, what do you for a living?” and you said “I’m a perfumer” and I said “oh well will you make me a perfume?” and you said “done."

D: Yeah, it was super quick. It must’ve been 2009 or 2010. We were friends right away.

L: It was love at first sight and then…!

D: You came to [my studio] Gowanus and we started working on stuff. We worked together really well because we are both, like… fast paced New York Jews.

L: …and lunatics!

D: Right.

L: We have the same exact life references.

D: Yes and..what's the word? Synesthesia…like the thing where you can smell colors. You totally get it in these weird ways. If you’re like “I saw this movie about mermaids and it’s from the 50s” we can start talking about what the mermaid’s tail would smell like and we can make a perfume just like it.

L: Well...we made the first perfume together because you loved the smell of my original Face Oil so I said "let’s make that into a perfume." It was easy to work with you from the start.

D: Yeah, that face oil, it is the best! I don’t usually use skincare products but that’s the only exception, and now Lavender Absolute. For me, I usually use them after I shave.

L: What other products of mine do you use?

D: Actually the hair oil. No joke, it is the best. I ran out! The hair oil is such an awesome product. Juniper is so good for the scalp…the rosemary, too. No joke, I love it. And Crema, that’s an awesome one. I don’t use lots of skincare products but in the winter, my hands get so dry, especially from all the denatured alcohol that I pour on my fingers all the time. Crema is amazing. I really don’t use anything else.

L: See! I got a convert.


L: I think you're brilliant, funny and we are on the same wave length, even though I’m the same age as your grandmother. Age has never bothered me, I have friends who are in their late 20s and 30s and not many peers and then I have friends that are 80 and 90.

D: It’s a mutual respect. We both have small companies in the beauty world. We’ve had a lot of the same experiences.

L: We know exactly what it’s like to do this (have a small business) and I feel lucky to have discovered you, David! It’s turned into something really great.


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