The RODIN Slow Beauty Ritual


Discover the benefits of taking time out to nurture skin with a simple yet luxurious ritual. 


RODIN + @drawbertson


Introducing the limited-edition Mermaid Collection of otherwordly skin illuminators created in collaboration with artist Donald Robertson.

Making a Spectacle with Linda


The style and successes of the stylist, businesswoman and Cutler and Gross aficionado on Liberty Life.

Linda's Lip Inspiration


The shells, paintings, and various curiosities around Linda’s apartment have more meaning than just the beautiful flare they add to Linda’s home. 


Blue Couch Candids: RODIN Lipstick


Sometimes tweaking a lip color here and there can be fun and creative to suit the weather or your mood. 

Speaking of Linda with Frederic Tuten


Linda’s friends create and work in various fields, but there is a dear one in particular, with whom she credits her education in politics, the arts, and literature.


Blue Couch Candids : Oils


Linda Rodin's instincts for skincare and lifestyle have been spot on. Trust your own instincts…and Linda’s, too.

Linda at Home: An Ode To Linda's Mother


Linda's fragrance tribute to her beautiful, creative mother, Beatrice is the perfect gift for the moms in your life.

Speaking of Linda with David Moltz


Linda's world is as interesting as it looks and it doesn't just stop at her apartment and style -- she is surrounded by incredible people who she feels lucky to call her friends. 


Blue Couch Candids: RODIN olio lusso


RODIN olio lusso began with Linda Rodin's quest for the perfect face and body oil, and has expanded into a lifestyle brand with a candle, soap, a cleanser, and three different fragrances.


Blue Couch Candids: Shells

Linda Rodin's collection has a stunning assemblage of conchs and delicate shells from the all over the world.

Linda at Home: Bunny Collection


See the parade of fanciful bunnies throughout Linda's home - on view year round.

Blue Couch Candids: Linda's Mother


Beatrice, aka Billie, was elegant and glamorous, artistic and quirky, wickedly witty and loving. She was beautiful. She was creative.

Blue Couch Candids: Sleep


Q: What's one of Linda's top beauty secrets?

A: Sleep!


Linda has her nightly routine down to a science.

RODIN News: Linda's Lavender Land


A sneak peek into Linda's Lavender Land - stay tuned for some exciting news!

Blue Couch Candids: Mr. Winky

Who needs a husband when there’s a guy like Winks???


The lustrous coat, big eyes, sharp intelligence, elegant ears and tiny, eager poodle tail won Linda over instantaneously and the rest, as they say, is history.

Linda at Home: Love Letters

A charming exchange of traditional love letters between Linda in NEW YORK and Kaoro San (her Japanese boyfriend from the early 90's) in TOKYO.

RODIN News: Speaking of Linda...


Introducing "Speaking of Linda..." an intriguing new series that takes you behind the scenes of RODIN olio lusso and presents Linda in conversation with the people who have shaped her and her eponymous brand. 


Follow us on Instagram  @RODINoliolusso and stay tuned to Linda's Diary for the first installment.

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