Ours is a lean line of natural-born overachievers, otherwise
     known as precious oils. Tinker with your routine to immerse skin
     in nourishment, de-stress, or reclaim your zest. Skin will literally run
     like a well-oiled machine.

        At RODIN olio lusso, these powerhouse and essential omegas along with antioxidants are
        flower and plant based, never synthetic. Our sources are small, but the superlative quality
        is what we want and all we need.
        Our philosophy is this: Use good, use less, and get on with it.
        Luminous skin, healthy hair and a bold lip — who needs more?
        If you’ve learned to prize the perfect white shirt, treasure one signature vintage cuff and
        live by the code of opulent minimalism, discover the sensuous simplicity of
        RODIN olio lusso, for your optimal skin.


       All roads lead to Linda

        Stylist of legend, Linda Rodin is more than our namesake, she's our enduring inspiration.
        Linda knows life on the runway and the red carpet, but her tastes are an homeage to authenticity
        and personal style.

        When she couldn't find simple, satisfying skin care, she created it at home with essential oils
        and seeds she's gathered from market days in her beloved Italy. She was an early-bloomer in
        recognizing that essential oils left skin both clean and dewy, and well nourished.

        RODIN olio lusso has grown beyond those first hand-blended potions given to models and movers.

        But it remains seductive in its simplicity. A core of 11 luxurious oils, and the faith that luminous
        skin, healthy hair and a bold lip is all a girl really needs. (Until it's time for a glass of wine and a 
        good long soak.)

        Even as we grow, RODIN will always be a place for little luxuries and small miracles.

      Grazie, Linda